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Ticketmaster Wants to Become Your Destination for Live Event Access

Ticketmaster wants to be more than a destination for tickets to a concert, sporting event or theater production. Echoing a move many other brands have made, the retailer is moving into the publishing realm, giving fans behind-the-scenes access to their favorite venues, events and artists.

Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino Discusses Why Rock Stars Are the Best Marketers in the World

Specs Current gig President, CEO, Live Nation Entertainment Previous gig President, CEO, Clear Channel Music Group Twitter @rapino99

How The New Yorker Festival Has Become a Magnet for Brands

Since launching 15 years ago, The New Yorker Festival has become the biggest consumer-facing event for its parent company Condé Nast, not to mention one of the buzziest cultural events of the year, period.

Innovative Sports and Entertainment Apps Are a Challenge for Event Marketers

We are in the midst of a transformational shift in how fans consume and attend live events. Innovations that provide better interactive experiences outside of venues are clearly outpacing those that enhance the in-venue watching.

Horizon Media Teams Up With Ex-Tennis Pros for a Big Sports Sponsor Play

In producing tennis events, former pros Jim Courier and Jon Venison have built a solid business, with revenue expected to exceed $10 million this year. Courier and Venison have grander ambitions, however, and to realize them, they’ve hitched their wagon to Horizon Media.