Ad of the Day: Andy Daly Brilliantly Reads 3.5 Hours of Real Insults About Laphroaig Scotch

What happens when you mix mean tweets, improv comedy, political satire and user-generated content? This new ultra-long-form ad from scotch brand Laphroaig that's so entertaining, you might actually find yourself watching the whole thing. (Well, maybe.)

Ad of the Day: Laphroaig Turns Mixed Opinions of Its Scotch Into Amusing Christmas Carols

Laphroaig, a singular single-malt Scotch known for its potent and polarizing flavor, has spent the better part of the year soliciting tasters' opinions.

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Laphroaig Scotch Doesn’t Mind If You Think It ‘Tastes Like a Burning Hospital’

Anyone who's tried Laphroaig, one of the few truly robust Scotches that's also widely available, knows that it sparks passionate responses ranging from delight to disgust.Now the distiller is parsing out those perspectives in all their oddly specific glory with a new campaign called "Opinions Welcome."In the video spot from U.K. agency White Label, we see real first impressions from tasters who aren't sure what's being poured out of the unlabeled green bottle. As a longtime Laphroaig fan, I can attest that every reaction is 100% accurate, even the skeptically negative ones like, "I think they let the cows in that one," and, "You can smell the seagull's armpits."Of course, those who appreciate the Scotch will also recognize the accuracy of more positive references like, "briny, smoky bacon flavor" and even "damp dog and tree bark." Hey, it's an acquired taste. On that note, the brand is also rolling out a series of print executions that highlight the rather unique ways people have of summarizing Laphroaig's feisty flavor. Check them out below.

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