Netflix Made an 8-Bit Infinite Runner Video Game Out of Its Most Popular Original Shows

Looking for procrastination candy? Netflix has launched the Flix Arcade, an 8-bit infinite runner game that's about as simple and uncomplicated as your fond memories of the '80s. Created by The Glitch in Mumbai, India, the game lets you play Pablo Escobar from Narcos, Piper Chapman from Orange Is the New Black, Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things, or Marco Polo from Marco Polo—odd, given that the latter show was canceled in December. 

Why Adidas Is Suddenly Selling Odd Pairs of Shoes … Two Rights or Two Lefts

"Odd, isn't it? For a man to run when technically he shouldn't even be walking?" We live in a magical time, when disability doesn't have to spell the end of an active person's journey. And a fascinating new Adidas campaign from India draws attention to something that has never occurred to most of us: Why should a blade-running athlete with only one foot—or anyone else—have to buy expensive athletic shoes for both feet?

Ad of the Day: W+K India’s First Nike Ad Celebrates the Power of Sport in Women’s Lives

Sport in India has a massive image problem, particularly for women." So says Mohamed Rizwan, creative director at Wieden + Kennedy India. 

Mindshare Wins Glass Lion for Creating India’s First Transgender Pop Band

In the second year of the Glass Lion award, Indian agency Mindshare Mumbai scored the Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions festival here tonight for creating India's first transgender pop band, the 6 Pack Band, in partnership with tea brand Brooke Bond Red Label.

Indian Beverage Brand Has Another Truly Frooti Adventure in This Trippy Commercial

Bollywood's King Khan goes ape over Frooti, one of India's top-selling mango-juice drinks, in this ludicrously loopy commercial.

India’s ‘Menstruation Man’ Tried On Sanitary Pads, and Found Out What It’s Like to Have a Period

This is the incredibly cool tale of Arunachalam Muruganantham, who, after noticing his wife was using dirty rags to manage her menstruation, decided to do something about it—not just for her, but for all the women in India. That seems like a nice enough story on its face, but the 5:38 video that recounts his trajectory is riddled with challenges that are embarrassing, terrible and hilarious—sometimes all three at once. After thinking he solved the problem in just 48 hours (bro-five!) by creating sanitary pads made of cotton, his wife came back with the results and said they were basically garbage. 

Mumbai Police Just Started Using Twitter, and They’re Already Masters at It

We haven't seen a government social-media account this fun since the TSA's Instagram (which, among other quirky wonders, features a ninja star collage). The Mumbai Police joined Twitter in December under the handles @MumbaiPolice and @CPMumbaiPolice. And with help from digital agency Trivone—which is managing the account for three months before handing it over to fully trained police officers—they're addressing issues like cyberbullying, drugs and traffic safety. That isn't unusual; it's even expected. But what makes the accounts so awesome is their use of emotive pop-culture references, smart wordplay and well-considered hashtags. 

This Strange Mockumentary for Ford Stars a Young Man With Freakishly Strong Arms

In this spot for Ford Asia Pacific, a happy-go-lucky protagonist talks openly about an affliction he's lived with all his life: his small—but mighty—arms.

These 4 Brands Are Embracing the Twitter Emoji Craze

Twitter wants in on brands' obsession with emojis. Marketers including Coca-Cola and Dove have gone gaga for the miniature digital stickers that reward consumers for tweeting out branded hashtags. Here's how four marketers are using Twitter emojis:

Women Compare Their Stalkers in Bollywood-Style Throwdown in Dating Site’s Crazy Ad

In this ad for Indian dating site TrulyMadly, two women have a musical battle to determine whose would-be suitor is the creepiest.