How These 3 Squarespace Sites Are Giving Back to Customers and Communities

Squarespace, a website-building hub, has partnered with Google to build something beautiful. A new ad campaign focuses on three companies or clients that use Squarespace's services and shows just what a website, or a platform, can do. 

Column: Mobile Marketers Are Way Too Slow for SoLoMo World

Brian Stoller is a 16-year digital advertising industry veteran. He's also one of the first executives to tackle mobile advertising in its earliest days.

NBC’s EveryBlock Experiment Folds

The hyperlocal news network EveryBlock, owned and operated by NBC News, is shutting down operations, per a post on the site's company blog.

The Neighborhood Watch

Spelunking equipment, climbing gear and snowshoes are Steve Sutorius’ life. That’s clear watching him as he peddles outdoor-sports merchandise in his shop, Wildernest, on this 10-mile-long jewel in Puget Sound just off the coast from Seattle.

HuffPo Hits 1 Billion Pageviews

The Huffington Post has hit 1 billion pageviews for the first time, with 37 million unique visitors, and 5.1 million comments in August.

DNAinfo Goes Block by Block

They say there are eight million stories in New York City. But DNAinfo.com, a hyperlocal, hyperactive Manhattan news site rumored to be considering a bid for the New York Daily News, may soon prove the old adage modest in scope.