A Bit Too Much Family at the Holidays? HotelTonight Has a Wicked Solution for That

Not to be uncaring or anything, but family time should have its limits. Contrary to popular belief—and lots of heart-tugging holiday advertising flooding the market lately—there really is such a thing as too much togetherness.Mobile app HotelTonight is clear-eyed about this, but doesn't suggest skipping the trek home altogether. That would be harsh (and potentially hazardous to your relationships). The brand does, though, give you an escape from your nattering cousin, your magic-loving uncle and that godforsaken doll-filled guest room at Grandma's house.Its new campaign, "Visit, Don't Stay," aims to remind us all that Norman Rockwell-style gatherings exist only in paintings, and that saving our sanity is equally important as showing up for Thanksgiving dinner.

Four Seasons Launches Global Review

The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is reviewing the global creative assignment that TBWA has handled for the past two years, sources said.

Check Out Airbnb’s New Logo That Has the Internet Talking

Airbnb, which facilitates brief home rentals in 190 countries, has unveiled a new logo and site redesign this afternoon as the brand wants to achieve more of a global appeal.

Oracle Buys Micros Systems for $5.3 Billion

Oracle is purchasing Micros Systems for $5.3 billion as part of a bigger push into retail and hospitality marketing. Oracle’s acquisition comes out to $68 a share, making it one of the company’s biggest buys of the past couple of years.

Hooters Ups Mobile Game With Stronger Data Focus

Hooters is kicking off a mobile loyalty program today in Atlanta that it plans to take national in the coming months.

Ad of the Day: Airbnb Builds Birdhouse Versions of 50 of Its Most Intriguing Listings

It's the allure of Airbnb, but also its biggest stumbling block—its rental listings are not impersonal hotel rooms but actual people's homes. Some travelers embrace this, knowing they'll experience a private space that's naturally more interesting and personalized.

Hyatt Hotels Combines Facebook With Snail Mail

Hyatt House is testing a Facebook-enhanced system called Postagram that prints postcards.

Local Commercial for Australian Youth Hostel Is Explosively Crazy

How common are American used-car dealership ads in Australia? Because this ad for a backpackers' hostel in Sydney called 790 on George has that structure down to a T. I don't know what they used for inspiration, but what I do know is this hostel was going for cheesy, and they nailed it. In an endearing way, I mean. They sure are proud of those cupboards, aren't they?

Hotel Commercial With Egghead Family Is Completely Cracked

Here's your disturbing ad of the day from (and ad agency Stately Mansion), a potent reminder that egg people should not engage in martial arts.

Love! Valor! Consumerism! New York Tourism’s in Love With Same-Sex Marriage

Latch on to the news of the day and—voila!—an ad campaign appears. W Hotels, nimble in its marketing and liberal in its thinking, just launched a "Right to Unite" package that's perfectly timed for the summer tourist season and New York's newly passed same-sex marriage bill.