Hong Kong

KFC Just Made Edible ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ Nail Polish That, Yeah, Tastes Like Chicken

April Fools' Day was a month ago, but KFC is only just now announcing that it has made two edible nail polishes that bring the classic tagline, "Finger Lickin' Good," grossly to life.

Ad of the Day: Kung Fury’s David Sandberg Shows Off Great, Zany Effects in Phone Ad

The Asus ZenPhone Zoom smartphone has a camera so strong, it'll turn a little toy dinosaur into a full-sized T-Rex that you can ride like a horse. 

Anti-Littering Campaign Uses DNA to Identify Litterbugs and Put Their Faces on Ads

Thinking of littering in Hong Kong? You could soon be a poster child for the problem.

Ad of the Day: MetLife’s Doting Dad Is Also a Liar in This Ad With a Heartbreaking Twist

The tearjerking Asian insurance commercial has become something of a cliché after so many years of emotional Thai Life spots. But MetLife Hong Kong breathes new life into the form with this spot—a father-daughter story that digs deeper, and packs even more of an emotional wallop, than similar ads of late.

The 3 Reasons Why Infiniti Picked Crispin

Crispin Porter + Bogusky's culture, experience and energy distinguished the agency in Infiniti's just-completed global creative review, which culminated with the hiring of Crispin as the brand's new lead global agency.

Young Protesters in Hong Kong Have Found an Ingenious Way Around Cyber Censors

As Hong Kong's "Umbrella Revolution" enters a dangerous phase, government censors are clamping down on social media sites used to communicate images of the protest to mainland China.

Lego Versions of Famous Artworks Are So Great, They’re Now Official Ads

When most great spec projects make the rounds among the Internet's creative community, it's assumed the work will never see the light of day. Here's a notable, wonderful exception. Late last year, Italian designer Marco Sodano received global praise for his creative pixelation of famous paintings remade with Legos. At the time, he said he wanted to convey "the belief that every child with Lego can become a great artist like Da Vinci and Vermeer." This month, he posted a new gallery, this time empowered to call it simply a "campaign for Lego." The official versions (largely similar but for the word "Imagine" embedded at the top left) were produced by agency Geometry Global in Hong Kong, with Sodano as art director. Check out the four official executions below:

If You’re Into Stuffed Animals Licking Your Nipples, You’ve Come to the Right Ad

Oddvertising is catching on in Hong Kong with this absurd spot for Rio Mints featuring what Shanghaiist calls "just the right amount of nipple licking." The scene opens with a young couple on an awkward date. We assume it's awkward because the guy is shirtless and gently cradling a purple stuffed giraffe that he's brought along. Needing something to fill the silence, the girl takes out her grape-flavored Rio Burgundy mints, and he accepts one. A moment after he pops the mint in his mouth, the giraffe's tongue grows and begins to caress the guy's nipple, causing him to moan in pleasure. We can't look away. Neither can his date who bites her lip, bounces up and down and finally looks forward with a smile, seemingly titillated by the whole experience. If you are, too, enjoy the extended outtakes below, where the actor really gets in touch with his O face. Does the nipple-licking puppet approach work? Well, what are you really going to say about mints? Via Mashable.

Listerine Flipbook Gives Beautiful Woman Nasty Onion Breath

Sometimes an idea is so simple and perfect, you wonder how no one thought of it before. Today's case in point—the bad-breath flipbook. JWT in Hong Kong created a bunch of them for Listerine, showing an attractive woman who appears to be speaking as you flip the pages. But before long, the smell of onions comes wafting toward you.