How Vine’s Hunky Goofball Logan Paul Plans to Become a Mainstream Superstar

With his sandy blond hair, bright blue eyes and shredded physique, Logan Paul could have stepped from Greek lore. The 20-year-old social media megastar who's poised to become a millionaire off goofy videos and silly stunts is, as one might imagine, not short of confidence.

Hot and Hairy Men Unite in This Delightfully Zany Paean to Hanes Cooling Technology

What do a biker dude, a lumberjack, Santa Claus at the mall, a kindly bespectacled scientist type with a goofy accent, and some doofus in a gorilla suit have in common?

Ad of the Day: Michael Jordan Is Back for Hanes and Ready to Judge Your Piss-Poor Golfing

Michael Jordan is back on TV for Hanes, once again intimidating the hell out of the mere mortals graced by his presence.

Crackle and Spark Ink NewFronts Deal

Crackle has inked an agreement with Publicis-owned media agency Spark in the Web publisher's first NewFronts deal this week. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Ladies, Hanes Wants to Know the Color of Your Panties

Hanes is asking women to overshare on social media by telling the world the color of their undies. They're pretending that revealing your panty color is some sort of slightly salacious act, and they're willing to offer you free undies if you do it, though it's pretty clear that the whole thing is cleverly disguised market research into preferred panty colors.

Hanes’ ‘Destruction’ Videos Generate 8 Million Views

Hanes chief branding officer Sidney Falken has been with the Winston-Salem, N.C.-based firm for 23 years, originally starting out as an assistant marketing manager for its boys underwear division when George Herbert Walker Bush was POTUS.

A Holiday Look Back: The Dumbest Gift Ads Ever

If you’re reading this right now, there’s a good chance you’re still trying to find that perfect holiday gift. And if you’re a marketer, you’re probably also worried about how you’ve advertised that perfect holiday gift. Well, chill out. Those who’ve come before you have done much, much worse.

A Holiday Look Back: The Dumbest Gift Ads Ever

Ad of the Day: Hanes

Stupid sight gags never go out of style, particularly when they involve kittens.

Jordan’s Hanes Hitler ‘stache raising a furor

That new Michael Jordan campaign for Hanes, which we wrote about last week, really does have people buzzing, though it's not Jordan's "lie-flat collar" that they're fixated on. Viewers instead […]