Hot and Hairy Men Unite in This Delightfully Zany Paean to Hanes Cooling Technology

No need to suffer

What do a biker dude, a lumberjack, Santa Claus at the mall, a kindly bespectacled scientist type with a goofy accent, and some doofus in a gorilla suit have in common?

They're all hairy, but can keep cool thanks to the Hanes X-Temp technology on display in this wondrously wacky campaign from ad shop 360i and production house Über Content.

Verbal and visual gags come fast and furiously in a minute-long spot (plus various shorter edits) directed by Ben Callner, who channels a '60s screwball comedy/Laugh-In vibe throughout. This kind of approach could easily have misfired, but Callner keeps the yuks coming while staying on point.

There's plenty to savor—the hirsute kiddies, a back-waxing session, the lawnmower guy who manically shrieks, "I can't believe it!"—as we learn that Hanes X-Temp technology, available in shirts, boxers and socks, "helps to keep you cool whether you're hairy or not."

Additional campaign elements break soon. I just hope they don't have surly Hanes spokesman Michael Jordan 'stached away for a cameo.


Client: Hanes
Agency: 360i
CCO: Pierre Lipton
GCD: Dave Yankelewitz
GCD: Aaron Mosher
ACD/Copywriter: Mike Lee
ACD/ Art Director: Greg Dalbey
ACD/Copywriter: Heather English
Copywriter: Paul Elicker
Copywriter: Frank Bertino
Art Director: Carla Butwin
Designer: Peter Chang
Executive Producer: Phillip Pessaro
Executive Producer: Patrick Soria
Senior Content Producer: Lucy Scott
Producer: Benton Persons
VP Strategy: Shankar Gupta
Strategist: Halsey Stowe
Strategist: Lindsay Vuolo

Production Company: Über Content
Director: Ben Callner
Director of Photgraphy: Doug Chamberlain
Executive Producers: Steve Wi, Phyllis Koenig, Preston Lee
Producer: Jon Goldberg

Editing Company: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Crandall Miller
Assistant Editor: Tim Quackenbush
Executive Producer: Lauren Hertzberg
Producer: Nick Crane