Here Are 4 Common Methods That Ad Fraudsters Use to Make Their Ill-Gotten Money

We all know bot-fueled ad fraud is a major problem for digital marketers, but how exactly does it work? Who makes money off fraudulent ad views, and how do they insert themselves into the process?

Trouble Brews Over the Viewability of Digital Ads

The Media Rating Council (MRC) recently lifted its 18-month-old advisory against selling digital ads based on whether they are measurably viewed by consumers.

Undertone Guarantees You Can See Its Ads

In the digital ad world, 2013 is thought to be the year the medium finally "grows up" and publishers start only selling ads people can actually see.

AdSafe Rebrands as Integral Ad Science

AdSafe Media built its business by promising to help brands keep their ads off unsavory sites.

Ad Wreck

Blame Mary Meeker. Definitely blame Google. And most of all, perhaps, blame MySpace.

Proving Web Targeting Actually Works

The online ad industry often touts its ability to eliminate the sort of waste that is common in traditional media through its ability to provide superior targeting. But in practice, the industry's targeting capabilities often leave a lot to desired.

ComScore’s Patent War

The ad tech ecosystem only really ever gets controversial when premium brands' ads somehow end up on sketchy sites. That is, until comScore launched a three-front patent war.