Digg Creates Replacement for Google Reader

A beta version of Digg's Google Reader replacement will be available in June, according to The Verge. 

Google Ventures Leads $1.875 Million Funding Round in Native Mobile Ad Startup

A lot of investor money has flowed to mobile ad startups, but much has been siphoned toward companies working on how to better target mobile ads or build ties between mobile and desktop users. Instead of focusing on how ads get distributed and to whom, Namo Media (short for “native mobile”) aims to fix where they get distributed and what they look like.

YouTube Co-founder Prepping Possible Rival

YouTube has had its share of competition over the years.

Slowly Digging Out of Its Hole

When the New York tech incubator Betaworks bought the former social news giant Digg for a mere $500,000, there was confusion, but mostly snark and ridicule. “There was a lot of nervous laughter in that first staff meeting when we announced it,” said Digg gm Jake Levine.

Digg Sells to Betaworks for Whopping … $500,000

Content-sharing site Digg has been sold to Betaworks, and the technology investment company grabbed the waning social starlet for only $500,000, according to The Wall Street Journal.