The Urban Legend of Free Social Marketing

When I give advice to CMOs about new social marketing strategies, I often hear the same initial response: But nobody wants to come to my website. While that’s probably true today, cultivating an audience is just like growing your audience on social media: it takes investment.

Facebook Outage Points to Importance of ‘Dark Social’

Depending on which metrics one considers, the two-hour Facebook outage on Aug. 1 signaled a potential disaster for other websites or survivable inconvenience.

What Part of a Web Page Gets the Highest Viewership?

There’s been a lot of attention paid lately to the fact that a lot of online ads going unseen, and with it, the assumption about what parts of a Web page are most valuable. Chartbeat analyzed 25 million user sessions across the Web and turned up some interesting findings.

Adobe’s Bold Plans for Online Ad Business Don’t Include Advertising

Once an looming outlier, Adobe wants to play a central role in the online ad business. Despite lots of speculation, the company says it doesn’t want to get into the media or advertising business—but it does have bold plans for plenty of disruption.

Slowly Digging Out of Its Hole

When the New York tech incubator Betaworks bought the former social news giant Digg for a mere $500,000, there was confusion, but mostly snark and ridicule. “There was a lot of nervous laughter in that first staff meeting when we announced it,” said Digg gm Jake Levine.

Advertising Week Day 3 Roundup

Advertising Week: Day 3 (with Anthony Ha and Andy McMains)

ChartBeat to CMOs: Let Go of Grand Strategy

With his startup ChartBeat, CEO Tony Haile has already changed the way many online publications operate, by providing them with real-time data about who is visiting their website. Now, Haile says it's time for marketers to follow.

Stats-Addicted Editors Suffer From Chartbeat Withdrawal

Web editors have called real-time Web analytics provider Chartbeat “mesmerizing,” “life changing,” and “a vortex of awesomeness.” The browser-based dashboard, which tracks live Web activity, is an addictive instant feedback tool used by editors in every major newsroom in the country including Th

Is Facebook Becoming the Web’s Editor in Chief?

Looking to further cement publishers' dependency on its tools and services, Facebook has announced a series of updates to its analytics tool—Facebook Insights for Websites—which is designed to help sites become more social.