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Neil Patrick Harris Tries to Explain Why Heineken Light Is St. Patrick’s Day’s Official Beer

Neil Patrick Harris might be the best possible pitchman for Heineken Light, given that both are known for being versatile and unintimidating, but is the actor up to the challenge of making the Dutch beer seem Irish? No. But at least he's willing to admit the awkward reality of Heineken Light being "the official beer of St. Patrick's Day" this year despite the fact that neither the brew nor its spokesperson happen to be Irish (a fact that does not escape Harris' troll-like co-star). This new spot marks the beginning of an online-only series created by the New York office of Heineken's lead creative shop, Publicis Worldwide.

After Conquering Reality TV, Kim Kardashian Is Taking the Mobile World by Storm

Kim Kardashian West first grabbed our attention in October 2007 with the premiere of E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Who could have guessed where that basic-cable reality show moment would lead? Since then, Kim, 34, has entered that rare pantheon of mononymous celebrities.

How Hilfiger Exports the Culture of Cool

Avery Baker is the embodiment of Tommy Hilfiger's ambitions to export its preppy vision of Americana, full of plaid and cozy sweaters, to the rest of the world. With a casual country-club polish, Baker operates as Hilfiger's chief branding officer and CMO.

As WhoSay’s Celeb Network Grows, More Marketers Look to Stars for Branded Content

On Oscar weekend, actress Rosario Dawson will open a pop-up store in Los Angeles to promote Studio One Eighty Nine, a clothing line tied to her foundation promoting African culture and content.

Beyonce Is the Queen of Commercials in This Supercut of Her Best Ads [Video]

Who runs the world? Women. Or rather one woman: Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. That much is clear in her commercial body of work. While dominating the music charts for the better part of a decade, the pop superstar has also selectively enchanted us with her ads.

Jennifer Garner Returns to TV as Capital One’s Newest Spokes-Celebrity

Jennifer Garner is back on TV and very upset with chairs in two new ads for Capital One's Venture Card. The visuals in the two spots, titled “Seats” and “Musical Chairs,” are bright and whimsical, which contrasts with Garner's concerned vocal delivery. Did one of those chairs kick a puppy or something? 

The Other Bieber, Letterman and Zellweger Star in Ads for the Other Amazon

Sharing a name with a celebrity has got to be a blessing and a curse. But it can also make you mildy famous. Lynda Pearson and Millie Olson co-founded Amazon Advertising, an agency based in San Francisco. In the video below, they explain that while they and the e-retail juggernaut have filed seperate trademarks that keep each from encroaching on one another's business, it's gotten harder to maintain an identity as the Amazon that's not THE Amazon. "We just didn't know they were going to take over the entire world," Pearson says.  Taking a page from Jack in the Box and Taco Bell's "Real Ronald" and Seattle's Best's "Real Duncan" campaigns, the folks at Amazon Advertising have started the Mistaken Identity Project, recruiting real people with famous names to help explain their dilemma. The results are pretty amusing too. "The real" Justin Bieber explains how he's been kicked off Facebook (for not being the douchier but more famous Bieber), and Jon Stewart talks about how he dated a girl named Hillary Clinton (who incidentally wasn't so proud to share her name when the Lewinsky scandal broke).  As for Amazon Advertising, you'd think they're quite lucky to share a name with America's most popular brand. Take a look below as Bieber, Stewart, Zellweger, Letterman, Alice Cooper and the Amazon Advertising team give us a taste of what it might be like to be famous...ish. Via Creative Criminals. Justin Bieber:

Whiskey-Loving Frank Sinatra Is the Newest Celebrity Endorser Back From the Dead

Frank knows Jack. I'm talkin' Sinatra and Daniel's, baby! The legendary crooner, who passed away in 1998, returns in a push by Arnold Worldwide to pitch a high-end version of the whiskey rolling out nationwide in June. Would you pay $150 and up for Sinatra Select? It's 90 proof—regular Jack is 80—so your ol' blue eyes will get bloodshot faster than ever before. (The variant has been sold in duty-free stores in airports for a couple of years.) There's digital, print and a 30-second spot mixing archival photos with big-band music stylings and nightclub scenes. In one shot, Frank hangs out with comedian Jackie Gleason, who apparently introduced the singer to Jack Daniel's in the late 1940s. When it comes to resurrecting dead celebs as endorsers, I prefer this relatively simple approach to some efforts by other brands. It seems less forced than, say, using high-tech hijinks to make dear, departed Audrey Hepburn hawk candy bars. Plus, Frankie was a true fan, calling the drink "the nectar of the gods" and toasting crowds at his concerts with Jack. So his presence feels genuine. It's also an interesting contrast to the week's other big spirits endorsement deal. It's hard to picture Mila Kunis pounding back Jim Beam, but imagining Sinatra goofy on Jack, slurring the words to "My Way" and cursing Ava Gardner as he stumbles into a limo? Ring a ding ding!

Cadbury Brings the Joy Yet Again With James Corden’s Lip Sync

Cadbury is following up last month's charming "Yes Sir, I Will Boogie in the Office" spot with another winner. U.K.

TV’s Royal Couple Lives On Thanks to Brand Endorsements

If there is one thing more impressive than the popularity of I Love Lucy—which ran for 179 episodes between 1951 and 1957—it is the popularity that endures long after the show ended. Actually, the inimitable sitcom never really did end. CBS threw the series into reruns starting in 1958, and the show wound up airing in 77 countries and 22 languages.