How Elon Musk’s Tesla Brand Has Super Charged Automotive Marketing

Some of us old enough to remember the 1980s know that Tesla used to be a hair-metal band. Others who paid attention in history class know that Telsa was, in the 1880s, the Serbian-American engineer who invented the polyphase AC generator—the mot

These Eerily Lifelike Crash Test Dummies Aren’t Quite What They Seem

Acura puts a fresh, unsettling spin on the crash-test-dummy concept in "The Test," an unorthodox but riveting minute-long film by Mullen Lowe that touts the automaker's safety record.

Time Inc.’s Digital Innovation Group Is Launching Its Next Big Vertical, ‘The Drive’

Time Inc. is betting big on digital-only brands.

Car Brands Are Starting to Get the Marketing Data They’ve Always Wanted

The car industry isn't slowing down when it comes to employing more data for everything from vehicle malfunctions to marketing.

Antique Cars Can Sell Anything—Even Boring Retirement Funds

Investment services have always had a tough time when it comes to marketing. For as much as we all want to amass piles of money, the idea of investing it for retirement is, well, boring as hell—at least to many people.

Sweet, Goofy Toyota Spot Transforms Prague Streets Into a Choose-Your-Own Musical Adventure

In today's episode of “Fun Public Marketing Stunts That Aren't Firmly Connected to the Actual Product,” Saatchi & Saatchi Europe turned Prague into a giant karaoke machine on behalf of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

Are Brands Better Than Sex?

Maybe we’re guilty of generalizing, but let’s just venture a guess and say that people like to have sex.

BMW Moves Into Zipcar’s Territory

To win over trendy young drivers, BMW is launching a new on-street car-sharing service this month in San Francisco. Drivers will be able to rent BMW electric cars that are parked on city streets and return them to several drop-off points in the Bay Area, including major airports.

Study Shows Car Ownership Still a Major Priority

It must be the call of the open road. In spite of the growing popularity of vehicle-sharing services like Zipcar, almost everyone surveyed by MRY in its latest auto brands study said they own or lease a car—and among brands, Ford was favorite. But more people are putting phones up on the pedestal once reserved for the original status symbol: a sweet ride.

Maaco Calls Twitter Sales Program ‘Game-Changer’

Maaco, the collision repair and auto painting chain, offers some perspective to brands looking to monetize their Twitter presences. And it perhaps supplies traditional companies—that yet have taken social media seriously—a glimmer of hope.