A Bank Set Up This 10-Foot-Tall ATM to Celebrate the Arrival of NBA All-Stars

It's not often you find yourself admiring a super inconvenient banking feature, but this time is a worthwhile exception.BMO Financial, also known as Bank of Montreal, sparked some digital buzz this week by installing a 10-foot-tall ATM in its flagship location, First Canadian Place in Toronto. A message on the towering device made the meaning clear: "The NBA All-Stars Are Coming."

Technology Isn’t Just Moving Us Beyond Cash. It’s Changing the Definition of Money

Infographic: Why Millennials Are Losing Interest in Banks

Millennials have a reputation for favoring borrowing over buying—they'd rather rent homes and lease cars than take on mortgages or car loans. Now, members of the borrower generation say they're straying from the largest likely lender: banks.

Bank Ad Frowns Upon Mother-Son Incest, Amateur Rocketship Building

We all fantasize about marrying our moms. Don't we? DnB NOR, Norway's largest bank, posits that incestuous scenario in this memorably uncomfortable spot from ad agency Try/Apt in Oslo—a follow-up to the bank's great George Clooney spot from last year.

Ad of the Day: Ally Bank

This week's honors for least likely endorser in a commercial go to Thomas Sargent, winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Economics, who, for whatever reason, agreed to shoot one of the new Ally Bank spots from Grey in New York.

Want FreeMonee? U.S. Bank Partners With ‘Gift Network’ Startup

When a company calls itself FreeMonee, you've got to be at least a little suspicious, right?Jim Taschetta, the company's CMO, joked that even he was a bit skeptical when he joined the firm a few years ago, but ultimately decided that FreeMonee's promise was so compelling it deserved its provocative name.