Kristina Monllos

See Why Tomb Raider Hung a Jeep on the Side of a Building and Made It Snow in Times Square

Experiential billboard will be up for October

  brightcove.createExperiences(); New Yorkers walking by 52nd Street and Broadway on Wednesday may have noticed that it was snowing—but only around…

Chelsea Handler on Why You Won't See Her Name on a Vodka Bottle

And how the Netflix host chooses her brand partners

Specs Age 41 Claim to fame Comedian; host of Chelsea and Chelsea Does on Netflix Base Los Angeles Twitter @chelseahandler Adweek: What is the first information that you consume in the morning? Chelsea Handler: I…

Slack Co-Founder Champions Hiring Diversity at White House's First South by South Lawn

Put practices in place while you're still small

At the inaugural South by South Lawn: A White House Festival of Ideas, Art and Action on Monday, Slack co-founder Stewart Butterfield explained that it's easier to implement diversity in…

Why Brands Like Under Armour and Gatorade Are Making Immersive, Interactive Games

Experimenting to get consumers' attention

It's no secret that brands are having a difficult time getting consumers with ever-shrinking attention spans to focus on, never mind notice, traditional advertising. But some marketers, including Under Armour,…

Snapchat Users Are Spending 78 Seconds on Average Playing Under Armour's Cam Newton Game

Stats for first 24 hours

Snapchat users who've come across Under Armour's new interactive game are spending an average of 78 seconds playing, according to early data.  The app's 60 million daily users in the U.S. (and…

Advertising Week 2016: Why Did JWT Just Launch a Print Women's Magazine?

Innovation director Lucie Greene fills us in

  Full story here:

Why Did JWT Just Launch a Print Women's Magazine?

Innovation director Lucie Greene fills us in

  brightcove.createExperiences(); J. Walter Thompson partnered with Getty Images to launch a pop-up magazine at Advertising Week in New York. Using…

This Snapchat Game From Under Armour Turns You Into Cam Newton and Makes You Dodge Wolves

It's all about the foot work

If you're on Snapchat today scrolling through the sports-centric channels on Discover you're likely to see an invitation from Under Armour to play a game.  That game, It Comes From Below,…

Ad of the Day: Kevin Hart and David Beckham Take a Fun, Disastrous Road Trip for H&M

The pairing makes more sense than you'd think

David Beckham is a surprisingly perfect straight man for Kevin Hart in a new short film from H&M.  The five-minute effort, which serves as an ad for H&M's new modern essentials…

Hillary Clinton Releases a Powerful New Ad With Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado

The spot tells her story referenced in the debate

Monday night, during the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it was no accident that Clinton pointed out Trump's treatment of Alicia Machado.  "One of the worst things…