Free Gifts for Everyone

My good friend Amit Gupta just let me know about his new application. Amazin’ Giftbox enables users to give free gifts to their friends. The difference between these gifts and […]

Facebook Tests Boundaries of Privacy

Over the past week, Facebook has come under fire for privacy related issues. As Wired magazine stated: Like many social networks, the increasingly popular Facebook allows its users to mark […]

Torrent Software for Mac OS X: Transmission and Xtorrent

Which is the best torrent client for Mac users? I think after uTorrent release for Mac it will be the most powerful client for Apple users – I’m using this […]

Facebook Apps Directory Having Issues

For the past couple days I have been having serious problems trying to see the new applications being added to the Facebook apps directory. This has been part of the […]

50 Newest Underground Apps

Here’s the 50 most-recently-added apps in what we’re calling the “Underground App Directory”. This directory is so unfiltered you’ll notice it even contains the occasional test application, which a developer […]

View Facebook From iGoogle

Do you use iGoogle as your startpage? If so, there is a great application (developed by Jeffery Ravenhorst) so that you can view Facebook without having to go to the […]

Support Your Fellow Developers

Aryeh Goldsmith is still launching applications at a rapid pace. His new application is to help support fellow developers. It is the application link exchange. Any developer can add the […]

Twitter Facebook Synchronization

A few of my friends have decided to switch from using Twitter to simply updating their Facebook status from their mobile phone. Whether you are contemplating making the switch or […]

Engadget Covers iPhone Madness

Engadget, the popular gadget blog, has so much iPhone coverage that they’ve created an iPhone at Engadget page, for “up to the minute iPhone coverage.” There are so many posts […]

CNN Money: iPhone Mania Ignites

“Eager buyers are lining up at Apple stores on both coasts, playing Scrabble, eating pizza, and waiting patiently to be among first to own one of the highly-anticipated phones.” So […]