New Facebook home page

Facebook has just updated the design of their home page. Now it’s a bit less minimalist… [tags]facebook, home page, design[/tags]

Chat Comes to Facebook

This is potentially huge. Dan Uyemura and Gary Chi have introduced a new application called “Chizzat”. Chizzat provides users with Facebook wide chat rooms. I hadn’t thought about it but […]

Warner Music Drops AnywhereCD Lawsuit

Back in April, we reported that Warner Music was suing AnywhereCD for selling unprotected MP3 copies of its music. AnywhereCD countersued shortly afterward. According to BloggingStocks, both companies decided to […]

Free Gifts one-ups Facebook using their own platform

People have speculated that Facebook may have shot themselves in the foot by allowing third-party developers to create virtually any kind of application to run inside their site. While most […]

Save YouTube Video Clips With Kiss

Another way to save video from YouTube, but this time it works even better – all you need to do, if you want to download video you currently watching, is […]

YouPorn and PornoTube – YouTube porno clones

More than a month ago Mashable! published a post where was compared YouPorn and PornoTube two most popular clones of YouTube for adults and now looks like in this race […]

Have a Wii? Want some friends?

Justin Waldron has made an application that connects Wii players around the world. Wii has multiplayer capabilities via the internet but as of now doesn’t have an easy way of […]

Countdown to iPhone: 21 days

Anticipation is building for what promises to be the biggest cellphone release of the year. On June 29th, Apple will launch the iPhone nationwide on AT&T’s wireless network. CNET News […]

Sony Pumps Up MobiTV’s Music Video Library

Sony BMG Music Entertainment just signed a deal with MobiTV to add 2500 music videos to their library, according to MediaPost. This is on top of MobiTV’s already extensive music-related […]

Map Stuff on Your Profile With Places

Like to map things? Are you a cartographer? Chris Zubak-Skees of RIT together with Ryan Singer have developed a pretty slick Google mashup that enables Facebook users to place maps […]