Data Points: Game On

This summer, athletes will go for the gold at the Olympic games in London, while digital technologies will break their own records for viewing. With the emergence of high-def video and mobile apps giving people more ways than ever to watch the games, the number of viewers in the U.S. is likely to top the 211 million who tuned in to the Beijing games in 2008, per Nielsen.

Data Points: The Kids Are Online

Taking a page from their parents, kids are adopting technology at ever-earlier ages. A survey by Walker Communications for Bonnier's Parenting Group found that among even the youngest children, nearly half are spending at least a few minutes a day using a smartphone, and nearly one-fifth are using one for up to an hour a day.

Data Points: Social Commentary

Chances are if you're an avid TV viewer, you've tweeted about a show at some point. SocialGuide Intelligence, one of a growing number of companies tracking social response to TV content, examined tweets related to 213 channels over a two-day period to see where the action was.

Data Points: Tech Set

Advertisers need to keep many factors in mind when marketing to Hispanics, and technology is a key one of them. Hispanics are early adopters of the latest devices, including Internet-enabled TVs, e-readers and iPads. 

Data Points: Good Times, Bad Times

Americans still believe in themselves, their friends and family. But in areas further outside their control, like their jobs and the economy, optimism wanes, and along with it, consumer spending, found a new study by MediaVest and Ipsos Mendelsohn, Optimism in America. But it's not all bad.

Data Points: Women by the Ages

Almost all women are tethered to one device or another, but how they use them varies widely across the generations. Boomers are more likely than their younger counterparts to go online to play blackjack and make travel reservations, while younger women are using their digital devices to listen to music or watch movies. 

Data Points: Big Screen

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro

Data Points: Social System

Social media has gone global. Facebook, the most widely used network, is now available in more than 70 languages, with three-fourths of its 800 million active users living outside the U.S. But usage varies widely by region, according to a report on global social media adoption by Forrester Research. U.S.

Data Points: Ad Scorecard

Even as ads are getting longer, fans are getting harder to reach. Super Bowl fans are demanding more of TV commercials, if they’re not muting them altogether. Infographic: Carlos Monteiro

Data Points: Sandwich Hero

Across demographic segments, brand preferences often vary widely.