Pepsi/iTunes is the best thing ever

Recently, after getting eight losing bottle caps out of nine, we declared the Pepsi/iTunes promotion staggeringly flawed. “Since the odds of winning are so good (they’re 1 in 3), it’s […]

March Madness, only slightly deflated

Amid the fuss about March Madness, it turns out there’s a fair amount of March Indifference. In a Harris Poll fielded just prior to the start of the NCAA basketball […]

Oh, right, Pat O’Brien’s out today

As we are way into scientific analysis of the media, we went out into the field last night to conduct a study that we think is of critical importance to […]

‘The Osbournes,’ R.I.P.

Oh, the swearing, the misbehaving teenagers, the tiny little dogs, the intricate complexity of Ozzy trying to replace the trash-can liner. After four years, last night brought the final episode […]

Are low-sugar cereals really better for you?

Stop the presses—a new Associated Press study says experts who have examined the spate of new lower-sugar versions of breakfast cereals found they have no more significant nutritional value than […]

Ken Auletta on the advertising industry

The New Yorker turns Ken Auletta loose on the ad business in this week’s issue with “The new pitch: Do ads still work?” Auletta catches up with folks including Roy […]

Take a walk in my $250 shoes

Adidas has received thousands of dollars’ worth of publicity over the launch of its $250 shoe, the Adidas_1, which contains a computer chip. The venerable German brand now seems to […]

A Greek fantasy to butter you up

The Greek Tourism Ministry recently launched a $75 million global ad campaign promoting Greece as a year-round vacation destination, with ads inviting travelers to “Live your myth in Greece.” As […]

The return of the sleaziest show ever

I have fond memories of coming home from school, grabbing a snack, flipping on the TV and settling in to watch Maury Povich anchoring A Current Affair, the sleaziest program […]

Do you clean better than Mom did?

This is always a sad time of year for slobs. Nobody ever talks about “summer cleaning,” “fall cleaning” or “winter cleaning.” But “spring cleaning” is such an obligatory activity that […]