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Ad of the Day: Hungry Folks Get Even Stupider in Ads for Snickers Crisper

BBDO moves from sight gags to wordplay

"Hunger keeps inventing new problems" is the first part of the tagline for Snickers Crisper, a new product extension from the Mars brand. But it's probably more accurate to say…

Ad of the Day: Lemmy Returns for One Final Ad, This Sublime Milk Spot From Finland

Genuine and profane to the very end

True to form, Lemmy is back for an encore. Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, the iconic hard rocker who led British band Motörhead for five decades before passing away last month, returns in…

Taco Bell Announces Its Super Bowl Return With an Amusingly Redacted Press Release

Cryptically touting one of its 'biggest product launches to date'

Taco Bell said Thursday that it is returning to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2013 with a 30-second spot in the first quarter of the Feb. 7…

No One on This Earth Loves McDonald's All-Day Breakfast More Than This Guy

Latest goofy score from Jingle Punks

Meet Will Perkins, a cardigan-clad Milwaukee resident who loves all-day breakfast at McDonald's so much that he's composing power ballads in its honor. Thanks to the parody mavens at Jingle Punks,…

Pizza Hut Just Unveiled a Clothing Line Called Hut Swag. Yes, Hut Swag

For those who consider pizza their bae

Given that they can barely handle making the thing they're named after, it seems a little presumptuous for Pizza Hut to sell branded clothing ... but they're doing it anyway.  Not…

Subway Returns to a Pre-Jared Era of Innocence in First BBDO Campaign

First spot travels back to 1965

You might not have known this, but Subway practically invented fresh food. BBDO has unveiled its first campaign for the sandwich chain. The post-Jared Fogle approach features a wholesome, return-to-roots message…

Watch Motörhead's Lemmy Slow Down 'Ace of Spades' for a Kronenbourg Beer Ad

Complex flavor for a complex man

Metalheads worldwide are quoting Nietszche in the wake of Motörhead singer/bassist Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister's death on Monday, but some may not have noticed he was in a Kronenbourg 1664 ad…

Taco Joint Turns Security Footage of a Burglary Into an Ad About 3 Really Hungry Guys

Check the register again

Here's another entry for the security-cam ad file: In what could perhaps pass for a case study on the power of storytelling, a Las Vegas taco restaurant turned footage of…

Ad of the Day: This Coca-Cola Campaign Can Be Deciphered Only by Color-Blind People

Ishihara image is cryptic to everyone else

Can you connect the dots? Ad agency Essencius recently launched a teaser campaign in Denmark touting stevia- and cane-sugar-sweetened Coca-Cola Life, but only about 5 percent of the population could actually…

This Food Retailer Is Celebrating a 'Gender Free Christmas' for Kids With an Adorable Ad

Ungendered toys for all

Système U, the fourth-largest food retail group in France, is tackling bigger issues than hoverboard stockage in its holiday catalog this year. With a new campaign from TBWA, it's asking:…