Xbox 360 Gets Content-y

Gaming system strikes deal with more than 40 entertainment providers

This holiday season Microsoft is giving the gift of content. Through its Xbox gaming system, the company has announced a content deal with more than 40 entertainment providers spanning cable, news, online video, and music, giving nongamers incentive to buy an Xbox and cable subscribers incentive to drop their subscriptions.

Calling the announcement the beginning of a “new era in television,” the service, part of Xbox Live, will bring live and on-demand content from TV and entertainment providers including Bravo, BBC, Comcast, HBO GO, Verizon FiOS, and Syfy in the U.S.

The new Xbox 360 also features Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vevo integration, and subscribers to Hulu+ and Netflix can access their accounts through the device. Music from ClearChannel’s IHeartRadio and will be available; Web content from and TMZ will be there, too. Through Xbox’s Kinect technology, voice recognition and motion sensor controls eliminate the need for a remote.

The question of whether Xbox Live, with a now-impressive selection of content, will eliminate the need for paid cable subscription remains to be seen.


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