Will Ferrell and iHeartMedia Are Getting Into the Funny Business Together

The two partnered on a new podcast network for comedy

Will Ferrell speaking with a microphone in his hand
The Big Money Players Network will enter the podcast airwaves in 2020. Getty Images
Headshot of Sara Jerde

After raising the comedy bar on television and at the box office, Will Ferrell—actor, producer and occasional anchorman—is partnering with iHeartMedia to create a new comedy podcast network called Big Money Players Network.

The company expects to create 10 podcasts over the next two years with “top comedic talent,” who will contribute to both scripted and unscripted shows that start airing in 2020.

“The creative opportunities that an iHeart and Will Ferrell collaboration offer are limitless, and we can’t wait to introduce fresh, hilarious, new content to listeners,” said Conal Byrne, president of the iHeartPodcast Network, in a statement.

The newly created company didn’t give specific comedians who might contribute to the podcasts or any details about the shows they’ll be offering listeners. But Ferrell seemed enthusiastic (in a statement provided by iHeartMedia).

“The iHeartPodcast Network has been such a pleasure to work with. I love hanging out in the offices, and I’ve only been yelled at once for using someone’s computer, which I shouldn’t have done,” Ferrell said in the statement.

The new slate of shows won’t be the first foray into the podcast space for iHeartMedia, which already has original shows that include The Ron Burgundy Podcast, Disgraceland and Chelsea Handler: Life Will Be the Death of Me. Overall, iHeartMedia claims to reach a quarter billion listeners—including nine out of 10 Americans—every month.

“I’m looking forward to continuing our journey as creative partners and helping to define how comedy and podcasting will merge in the next couple years,” Ferrell said.

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