We Turned the Tables on the Host of Wiki What?, a New Facebook Watch Show From Hearst

Josh Gondelman lets celebs edit their own Wikipedia pages for accuracy

Facebook Watch, a video platform within the social network for content created exclusively for Facebook, launched earlier this year with a slate of a few dozen shows (at the time of launch). Many Facebook Watch series garnered hundreds of thousands of views for both short- and long-form content across categories like dating, trivia, travel and science.

Wiki What? is a show produced by Hearst and hosted by comedian and writer Josh Gondelman, who interviews celebrities as a “Wikipediatrician,” poring over their Wikipedia pages with them and making edits along the way.

“It has been exciting to see the way the Facebook community has responded to and engaged with our shows ‘Wiki What?’ and ‘Untangled,’ and we look forward to continuing to create premium video series content for the platform,” said Brian Madden, vp of audience for Hearst Magazines Digital Media.

Here, Adweek interviews Gondelman by editing his Wikipedia page for Wiki What?’s three main tenets: accuracy, relevancy and neutrality.

Video produced by Josh Rios, John Tejada, Yuliya Kim, Dianna McDougall and Sami Main.

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