Watch the Stars of Netflix’s Glow Lip-Sync ‘Maniac’ in This Joyous Season 2 Promo

Show will be back June 29

The ladies of Glow are back. Netflix
Headshot of Kristina Monllos

Glow, Netflix’s half-hour comedy about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, is one of the few shows about a ragtag group searching to find a purpose in this world—aren’t we all?—that’s actually fun. Learning wrestling moves, creating soap opera-level narratives for the ring and trying out costumes sounds like a helluva time that could only inspire camaraderie. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this crew?

Maybe that’s why the promo for Season 2 is such a joyful 90-second spot. The cast of Glow lip-sync and gyrate with such an infectious devil-may-care attitude that watching it might just perk up your afternoon. To be fair, Flashdance did make “Maniac” a song that you have to dance to.

Like the show’s excellent opening credits, the promo uses visual effects to give a little glamour to the spot. (Side note: Netflix, please bring back the full credits sequence for Season 2.)

Of course, as with Season 1, Marc Maron’s curmudgeonly Sam Sylvia attempts to get the women out of the dressing room dance party to fight only to be ignored.

Season 2 will return on June 29 on Netflix.

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