Turner Says the Post-Millennial Generation Should Be Known as ‘Plurals’

Yet another name idea for those born after 1997

Millennials are quickly becoming yesterday's news, and media companies are trying to figure out just what to call the next generation.

Becomers? Founders? iGen? Post-Millennials?

Those are just a few. And now Turner has another: Plurals.

So how does Turner describe Plurals?

They are born after 1997. They are the most diverse generation in U.S. history. They are digital natives and "entertainment omnivores" who likely think VHS stands for Virtual High School. Plurals are perfect consumers for an entity like Turner, with its young-skewing networks and programs

"The research we've done at Turner has furthered our knowledge and understanding of these generations and played a key role in our success," said Jeffrey Grant, senior vice president of research for Turner's Emerging Consumers division. "With a strong understanding of who these audiences are and how to best connect with them, we're proud to share these insights with our business partners and continue to serve as a key resource for them."

But the Time Warner company is not the only media outlet to define this group. Freeform, back when it was ABC Family, coined the term "Becomers" while MTV calls them "The Founders."

The most successful brands that have been able to reach this audience are those that have been able to feed this desire for choice and control. This includes continuously updating their offerings to stay connected with this group.

However, a person born in 1997 has a different sensibility than someone born in 2004—much like a millennial born in 1983 would have a different outlook than one born in 1992. With that, Turner argues brands should "grow up" with Plurals and constantly re-tailor their message as they age.