Trailer Mash 11-30-12

What you should be watching this weekend, in one minute

A swift scan of the week's top half-dozen releases reaffirms this axiom: When the big release is a Gerard Butler romantic comedy, a better time will be had in every other corner of the cineplex. Chief among the alternatives ought to be Killing Them Softly, which reunites star Brad Pitt with director Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of Jesse James … ) in a downbeat thriller that sports a metaphorical 1970s leather jacket. Pitt is the only kind of movie star who can get a film like this made, but sadly, even at his great age, he is seemingly still too cherubic to pull off a character as mean as he's supposed to be.

Also from the '80s, Van Damme and Lundgren trade blows in Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning, another incomprehensible addition to their weird cyborg franchise.

Elsewhere, the eye-popping Internet porn in the trailer for King Kelly, a film about a fictional biography of a girl living her life online, will be far more worrying to parents than the familiar Saw-style torture porn on show in The Collection trailer—from the makers of Saw.

California Solo trades on Robert Carlisle's rocky features to tell the story of a British rocker trying to avoid getting thrown out of the U.S. by forging a reunion with his estranged daughter, while genuinely more authentic and contemporary emotions are expressed in the trailer for ex girlfriends from junior Ed Byrne/Woody Allen-in-the-making Jonathan Poe, at least according to the trailer.