Spanish-Dubbed South Park Will Join Walking Dead and Prison Break on NBC Universo

Network polled millennial Hispanics to find their favorites

Aye Dios mío! Mataron a Kenny!

Soon you can catch Kenny, Cartman, Kyle and Stan en español on NBC Universo, the sports and entertainment cable network geared toward millennial Hispanics.

South Park becomes the third long-running English-language series to make the transition to the NBCU network this week alone, with more expected soon.

On Monday, the network announced it bought the rights to Prison Break, which ran on Fox from 2005-2009; the following day, the network struck a deal with AMC to air The Walking Dead, TV's highest-rated series among adults 18-49 for the past three years; and earlier today, NBC Universo announced it would begin airing South Park.

All three shows will be dubbed in Spanish.

NBC Universo conducted research and focus groups among its target audience (Hispanic adults 18-49) and both Prison Break and The Walking Dead tested very well.

"Adding 'The Walking Dead' to our primetime programming lineup is a clear demonstration of our commitment to bringing the most provocative and best-quality entertainment to U.S. Hispanics in Spanish," said Rubén Mendiola, president of NBC Universo.

NBC Universo launched on Feb. 1 with the airing of the Super Bowl in Spanish, which drew 1.1 million viewers. The network includes a mix of sports, including rights to several international soccer leagues, and original series like Top Chef Mexico. It is now bolstering its second-run acquisitions.

"By adding South Park, NBC Universo is going where no other Spanish cable network has gone before," said Areyls Carballo, vp of programming. Carballo said that bringing the "irreverent" animated comedy to Spanish-first households, "adds an exciting twist to our lineup."

Prison Break began airing this week, South Park begins next week, and The Walking Dead—currently in its sixth season on AMC—begins in early 2016.