Roku Channel Is Launching Its First Branded Content Hub

The MillerCoors-sponsored campaign will run for four months

The hub will be available on the Roku Channel for four months.

For the first time, a branded content hub will be part of the Roku Channel, in an attempt to give consumers content they might be interested in naturally watching on the platform.

MillerCoors is sponsoring the hub as part of its “Thirst for More” campaign. Content from two publishers, Nat Geo and Great Big Story, will populate the hub with pieces about exploration that range from one to seven minutes long.

“We have always looked at our job at Roku with regards to advertising as creating new opportunities for brands to speak to viewers as they switch to streaming,” said Scott Rosenberg, svp, gm of platform at Roku Inc. “While consumers value free, ad-supported content, they expect their ad experience to get better along with their content experiences.”

The hub and banners on the free, ad-supported channel will be available for four months. To direct users, a home screen native ad will run from September to December and a video will run across ad-supported Roku channels.

“It all starts with our observations in the shifting media landscape,” said Ryan Marek, vp, Coors Family of Brands at MillerCoors. “It’s a really challenging world out there. … This is a reflection of us trying to be innovators in how we go to market with media partners. We can fight it or go with the current, and we’re choosing to go with the current.”

The hub’s content will include a program named “My Next,” featuring Nat Geo explorers talking about their next adventures in partnership with MillerCoors’ ad agency Publicis.

“We think it’ll be game-changing for not only the brand, but Roku and future content knowing this ever-evolving landscape means we approach things from a unique perspective,” said Eric Levin, evp, chief content officer at Spark Foundry.

Roku has worked with brands before to sponsor content in a unique way for users—for example, eTrade sponsored viewing a whole season of Showtime’s Billions for free for a day—but this is the first time an entire space within the channel has been devoted to sponsored content.

“We view [this] as an important step, but a step that’s part of the broader evolution we’ve been driving,” Rosenberg said.

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