Piers Morgan Finally Addresses Murdoch Phone Hacking On Air

Breaks week of silence

After a week of silence on the matter amid a growing chorus of questions surrounding his role in the ballooning phone hacking scandal in Britain, CNN primetime host Piers Morgan has addressed the controversy. On his 9PM show last night, Morgan, who worked as editor of Murdoch's The News of the World in 1994 and editor of rival (non Murdoch-owned tabloid) the Mirror from 1995 to 2004,  said "I do not believe that any story we published [at The News of the World or the Mirror]… was ever gained in an unlawful manner. Nor have I ever seen anything to suggest that." 

It was the first time anyone at CNN had addressed Morgan's potential involvement, although Morgan had touched on the issue early last week during an appearance on the CBS daytime program The Talk). As Adweek reported last Friday, as of that date CNN had made zero mention of the fact that members of Parliament and bloggers in the UK alleged Morgan was aware of illegal phone hacking by Mirror reporters while he edited the tabloid

Reached for comment on Friday, a CNN spokesperson told Adweek that the network hadn't been covering the Piers Morgan angle because Morgan had not been officially called to testify before a Parliamentary inquiry in the U.K. As for the Morgan's possible knowledge of any phone hacking under his watch, the spokesperson said “Piers Morgan and his former employer, [Mirror parent company Trinity Mirror], have both addressed the allegations in recent weeks.”