NFL Collides With Toyota on Ad Campaign

With The National Football League, the issue of brain injuries caused by helmet-to-helmet hits has been a sensitive issue. So much so that it censored a TV ad by Toyota earlier this season, forcing the carmaker to edit out such a collision between two football players, according to a report by Reuters.

The offending spot first aired in November, according to the news agency, at which point the NFL complained to Toyota, informing the carmaker that the ad would be banned from higher-rated games unless the spot was edited to remove the image.

According to the report, the image was used to reinforce a message that Toyota technology could help prevent brain injuries.

But the league was apparently miffed that the helmet-to-helmet image was used, given all the bad press it has received the past couple of seasons about the irreparable brain damage some players have reportedly suffered as a result of concussions sustained while playing the game.

The report quoted an NFL spokesman as saying the league felt the image portrayed the sport “unfairly.”

A Toyota rep said the company agreed to edit the ad because, “we never intended the spot to irritate the NFL.”