NBCU Hispanic Group Will Put Culture First and Challenge the Market to ‘Latino-ize’

Latinos 'have a pervasive influence on the culture'

At its upfront presentation later today, NBCUniversal Hispanic Group, which comprises Telemundo and NBCUniverso, will unveil 1,000 hours of original content. It will also explain to advertisers why it is putting Latino culture first.

"We came up with a way to help clients understand that it's really about cultural context informed by Latino insights," said Christine Escribano svp of client solutions for the NBCU Hispanic Group. "We really needed to help frame what we do to reach this audience."

Escribano and her team have been taking part in three-hour "deep dive sessions" with advertisers to explain how the Culture First approach will benefit clients. Sessions have included beauty brands, retail brands and wireless carriers. Real-time insights are then used to create a total-market campaign.

Latinos are "oversharers," Escribano said, powering as much as 60 percent of product recommendations. "They have a pervasive influence on the culture."

The NBCU Hispanic Group is also looking to more crossover partnerships with other NBCU networks including USA, E! and NBC TV.

Co-programming opportunities—with Hot & Bothered (formerly Telenovela), the new Eva Longoria comedy coming to NBC in the new season, for instance—will allow clients to buy across NBCU networks "to build ad solutions that create a culture first strategy," Escribano said. And all of that business floats up to Linda Yaccarino, NBCU's chairman of ad sales and client partnerships. NBC has been calling the global approach, All Together. NBC. The Hispanic Group has its own take: All Together. Latino.

"We are challenging the market to Latino-ize," Escribano said, adding that she expects to see more campaigns start in Spanish and only then make the move to English.

"We feel like this is a big stake in the ground," Escribano said. "You can reach them, but you may not be connecting with them. That's the big difference."

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