KFC Nixes Finger Lickin’; Facebook’s Redesign Is a Headache for Marketers: Wednesday’s First Things First

Plus, would you drink donut beer?

KFC might be tasty, but now isn't the time for licking your own hands. KFC / Mother / Freuds
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KFC Drops Iconic ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ Slogan, Citing Covid-19

So, yeah, you probably shouldn’t be so cavalier about licking your fingers and touching your face in general during a pandemic. This was not lost on KFC, which has temporarily paused the use of its iconic slogan in a new global campaign that includes outdoor ads featuring tongue-in-cheek slogans like “Finger lickin’ not currently advised” and “Wash fingers thoroughly before lickin’.”

Watch: Additionally, a TV ad, which shows the catchphrase blurred out on KFC buckets and signs, says: “That thing we always say? Ignore it. For now.”

Premium | Why Lawmakers Are Keeping Ad Tech Under Such Close Scrutiny

Regulators are scrutinizing ad tech for privacy-related issues more than ever, and are on the lookout for examples of misuse of data by bad actors. More specifically, lawmakers are worried about the use of bidstream data, which is gathered during an online ad auction and used for targeting, and called out the ability to match location data with other data sets to build profiles of people who attended places of worship or Black Lives Matter rallies.

Inside the issue: Learn how the bidstream works, how ad-tech companies can collect and use that data, and how bad actors can exploit it.

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Nathan Young, Former President of 600 & Rising, Has Left Periscope

After resigning as president of 600 & Rising, the Black advocacy organization he founded, earlier this month, Nathan Young has now resigned from his role as group strategy director at Minneapolis-based agency Periscope. Young’s resignation from his role within 600 & Rising came after he received backlash on Twitter for criticizing advocacy group Adcolor. 

Young said he hasn’t decided what his next move will be, but his work with 600 & Rising initiated change and discussion in the ad industry around diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Road to Brandweek: e.l.f.’s Kory Marchisotto on Innovation and the Pandemic

Ahead of Brandweek 2020, Adweek caught up with e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Kory Marchisotto CMO about trends in marketing and advertising in general, and the beauty sector in particular. Skin care is consumers’ top priority in the beauty space, with people “spending more time on self-care and seeking ingredients like CBD that deliver multipurpose benefits.”

Read on: Marchisotto also offered insights on navigating the pandemic and big marketing win on TikTok.

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Voice | New Facebook Design Is a New Headache for Marketers

Marketers have been quick to criticize “New Facebook,” which will roll out permanently for all users in September. It’s one of the most significant layout updates the platform has made in years and will include accessibility improvements and features like dark mode. Social media manager Alexa Heinrich laid out the good, the bad and the annoying elements for marketers in a new voice piece including its navigation, Pages, Creator Studio, Insights and Publishing Tools. 

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