How Gilmore Girls Superfans Reacted to the Show’s Triumphant Return on Friday

They waited almost a decade for the Netflix revival

It's been nine long years since Gilmore Girls was last on television.

The series finale aired on the CW network in 2007. Fans of the show were left somewhat unsatisfied, as the show's creators and showrunners, Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel, were not involved with the final season due to contract negotiations.

This was disappointing for numerous reasons, one of which was the notorious Final Four Words from Amy. Legend has it she knew the last four words of the series as soon as she started production, but we never got to see them come to light, as she never got to end the series as she envisioned. 

All was quiet on the Gilmore front until rumors started floating around in 2014 that the show would be making some kind of comeback. 

A social media management platform, Sprout Social, kept tabs on people's tweets. Perhaps the uptick in social media posts helped tip Netflix and the original show's crew over the edge toward a reunion. 

For example, in September 2013, a total of 27,000 tweets pertaining to Gilmore Girls were posted. Granted, the original show existed almost entirely out of the social media bubble, but compare that statistic to when revival rumors started popping up at the ATX Festival in 2015: Some 79,753 tweets were posted about the show. 

When the revival was announced and confirmed in October, 132,158 tweets were posted just in three days. 

Seeing how passionate fans came out of the woodwork, both on social media and as fans of the Gilmore Guys podcast, which started in the fall of 2014, when every season of the show was brought to Netflix, you can imagine that a push from social media didn't hurt the odds of the show coming back. 

With the revival, fans laughed and cried just at seeing their girls back together on a screen. The super-sized episodes allowed for different arcs and acts than we're used to seeing, and the freedom of Netflix allowed for different language to be used as well. (There is no greater pleasure than hearing Emily Gilmore curse.) 

For now, after the revival dropped on Netflix at 3:01 a.m. ET on Friday, Nov. 25, let's see how fans reacted to seeing their girls again. This is a spoiler-free zone for those who haven't watched all four 90-minute episodes yet. 

Some were emotionally exhausted:

Some came prepared:  


A feast the Gilmore's would be proud of. Especially because we put pop tarts IN the waffles #gilmoregirlsrevival

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Some turned immediately to bargaining and acceptance: 

 Some found fun facts, and the stars of the show reminded people of how special this project was:


That time I got to hang out in Stars Hollow! @gilmoregirls @netflix

A photo posted by Sutton Foster (@suttonlenore) on

 Some people will never agree on Rory's boyfriends, which is perfectly acceptable:

 And some remembered that the show is mostly about inspiring women who feel totally real to fans:

Let's just hope Netflix, Amy and the ladies come back together for another round sometime soon.

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