Holiday Ads Have Started; Learn About Influencer Marketing: Friday’s First Things First

Plus, Rothys wants to make the trends, not chase them

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Cost Plus World Market is getting a jump on holiday advertising. Cost Plus World Market
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Cost Plus Kicks Off the Holiday Season Early

While Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, jack-o’-lantern carving and apple picking are ushering in the fall season, Cost Plus is getting a jump on holiday advertising. What’s next? Christmas in July? Well the home specialty store used just the right amount of sappiness to make it alright.

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How to Effectively Use Influencers

We’ve covered influencer marketing in an endless amount of ways, from what brands should consider ahead of partnering with an influencer to what influencers can teach brands about community management. Now, Adweek, in partnership with IBM Watson Advertising, has created a complimentary course on emerging marketing technology called the Institute of Brand Marketing. The latest lesson covers everything marketers need to know about influencer marketing.

Read more: Each lesson takes 10-15 minutes to complete, and so far we’ve covered topics like machine learning, location-based marketing, influencers and so much more.

Rothy’s Won’t Chase Trends—It’s Making Them

There are shoes and then there are Rothy’s shoes. With less than a decade in the game, the direct-to-consumer, sustainable footwear brand has already rolled out a national television campaign and launched (and un-launched) a new silhouette. Now armed with new collections, the brand is setting itself up for long-term success.

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Apple, Google and Amazon Remain Top Brands While Facebook Falls

Global consultancy Interbrand has unveiled its annual list of best global brands and it’s no surprise that Apple took the top spot. But after a year of bad press, maybe it’s also no surprise that Facebook fell out of the top 10. What you may find surprising is the brand that took its place.

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Ad of the Day: The ‘Quietest Library on Earth’ Faces a Noisy Coup in Design Army’s Stylish New Spot

There will be no chitter chatter in this sanctuary of silence. No clicking pens or clacking heels or, god forbid, coughing fits. This is, after all, the Quietest Library on Earth.

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