Hillary Clinton Will Be on This Wednesday’s Episode of Broad City

Creators discuss whether their show is 'millennial' and 'feminist'

If you've been wondering when Hillary Clinton will appear on Broad City, the answer is Wednesday, March 16. That revelation came at South by Southwest Interactive on Saturday morning during a keynote by the show's stars, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

"You know that meme of Hillary Clinton texting? It's us. Every time," joked Glazer while explaining the logistics of getting the presidential hopeful to appear on the third season of the show.

The women were able to get Clinton on board with the help of the Broad City's executive producer Amy Poehler, who has famously portrayed Clinton on Saturday Night Live.

For the highly anticipated cameo, which was revealed earlier this year, Jacobson and Glazer wrote that Glazer's character would find the Clinton campaign and work for it. 

"Until she was filming it, it was really hard to believe [that she would appear]," said Glazer. "I would've understood if she couldn't do it. Like, yeah, you're running for president."

Following the panel, which was run by Marie Claire's editor-in-chief, Anne Fulenwider, an audience member pressed Jacobson and Glazer on their choice to work with Clinton over fellow potential Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders. 

"We're not trying to make a statement, to be honest," said Jacobson. "Our writing process, we wrote season three a year ago. We weren't like, 'Let's take a political stance here.' That's not our show. It was really more of what Ilana's character would do. Regardless of where we stand, Hillary is such an icon." 

Glazer agreed, "Because she's such an icon, we made really good TV. You'll enjoy it. It's a great episode of TV because Hillary Clinton was in the episode." 

The women also noted that they aren't necessarily trying to make a millennial or feminist show, but that "because we are feminists, everything that we do smells like it," said Glazer. 

As for millennials, Jacobson noted that, "the Internet is kind of making everyone a millennial." 

Bed Bath & Beyond, a brand that Jacobson's character loves unconditionally in the show, also got a shout out during the panel.

While Jacobson noted that she's "afraid to go into Bed Bath & Beyond now," the panel came to a serendipitous end with a question from one of the retail brand's marketers—who told Jacobson that the brand loves her.

"I bet you do," said Jacobson. 

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