EW, YouTube Team Up to Cash In on Lost Finale

With scores of rabid Lost fans awaiting the season finale airing tonight, Entertainment Weekly and YouTube teamed up to capitalize on the show’s popularity.

The Time Inc. weekly is “guest-editing” YouTube’s spotlighted video section on the home page today–marking the first time a consumer magazine has curated the module, according to the site.

The module, headlined “Entertainment Weekly Gets Lost,” spotlights episodes of Lost that are handpicked by EW’s resident Lost experts Jeff “Doc” Jensen and Dan Snierson, along with episodes of EW’s Totally Lost, the magazine’s popular video reviews of the show that appear on EW.com.

YouTube also is using Twitter and Facebook to drive additional traffic to the module.

The partners said the arrangement provided a way to harness EW’s authority on all things Lost. “Our audience has a pretty much bottomless interest in Lost,” said Cyndi Stivers, managing editor of EW.com, noting that it’s not uncommon for Jensen’s weekly recaps of the show to elicit thousands of comments within minutes. “We thought, however we can expose this to more people, the better.”