ESPN Enables ScoreCenter on Samsung TVs

ESPN is exporting its popular mobile application ScoreCenter to TV.

The media giant has launched ScoreCenter on the new line of Samsung Internet-enabled TVs. Samsung is one of a slew of TV manufacturers prepping to release a variety of Web-enabled TVs.

As part of that rollout, the electronics firm has introduced the Samsung Apps store—essentially a TV version of Apple’s mega-popular app store. Sports fans will be able to find ScoreCenter (which provides scores, news and statistics for free) there.

While ESPN doesn’t stream live content—or even full-length episodes of SportsCenter—on its flagship site, the company’s move to bring its mobile app to TVs could be telling. 

Though the major broadcast networks have elected to block much of their programming from Web-TV platforms like Google TV—condensed apps, with limited video content, may serve as a more palatable means of approaching TV/Web convergence for TV companies.

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