CBS Pacts With EQAL for Digital Video Series

CBS is reaching out to the creators of the Web video phenomenon lonelygirl15 to create a series of new video series designed to run on TV, the Web and various mobile platforms.

The network has announced a new partnership with EQAL, the independent production firm behind lonelygirl and the followup teen Web drama KateModern. As part of the deal, CBS will receive first dibs on several EQAL series concepts which will be designed to travel well across media. In addition, EQAL will consult CBS as it looks to better extend its existing TV properties to the Web and mobile, including specifically creating story lines that drive viewers back and forth across multiple platforms, while also providing some technological support.

The new arrangement marks the second such Web to TV collaboration announced by a major broadcaster in as many days. ABC executives said they are considering adding the MSN original series In the Motherhood to the network’s schedule some time next year.

With EQAL, CBS is hoping to recapture the storytelling magic that helped propel lonelygirl15 — initially believed to be the video blog of a real teen- toward viral video status.

“This partnering signals CBS’ attention to the Web as a new medium across both interactive and the network,” said CBS Interactive president Quincy Smith. “EQAL is at the forefront of developing and applying content online.”