Beyoncé’s Awe-Inspiring Coachella Performance Sets YouTube Livestreaming Record

The Beyhive turned out for 'Beychella'

Beyoncé's Coachella set broke records this weekend. Getty Images
Headshot of Sara Jerde

Leave it to the Beyhive to nearly break YouTube.

Beyoncé’s performance on Saturday ranks as the most-viewed Coachella performance ever and the most-viewed live music festival on YouTube, a spokeswoman for YouTube said.

Her performance alone garnered 458,000 simultaneous viewers around the globe.

Her fans, who quickly dubbed the performance, “Beychella,” took to Twitter to share their praises.

Beyoncé is also expected to perform this weekend at Coachella but, as Variety reported, the music festival only streams its first weekend.

This year’s opening weekend of Coachella, which also included performances by Eminem, Cardi B, The Weeknd and Haim, was the most-watched out of the previous eight years Coachella has streamed the event. The performances had over 41 million live views and viewers from more than 230 countries, according to YouTube.

Highlights from the performances (not including Beyoncé) are available to watch on YouTube’s official Coachella 2018 page, which is sponsored by T-Mobile, Jurassic World and World of Dance.

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