YouTube Builds ‘Little Haikus of Video’ With New 6-Second Mobile Ads

As more video consumption moves to mobile, YouTube has a new ad format for brands designed specifically for quick snippets of content.

Here’s How Syfy Plans to Hook Viewers on Skippable Ads

You know how the old psychological theory goes: Someone tells you not to think of a white bear, and then that's all you can think about.

With These 2 New Products, YouTube Hopes to Make the Season Bright for Retailers

With the holiday shopping season on the horizon, YouTube is rolling out two products designed to help retailers.

Will Google’s Bid for More Ad-Buying Control Cause a Huge Mess for Marketers?

Google's decision Thursday to shut down YouTube media buying on its programmatic network DoubleClick Ad Exchange (or AdX) signals the tech giant wants tighter control of its growing advertising ecosystem.

YouTube Is Doing Great With Fewer People Skipping Ads, Google Says

Google says YouTube ads are responsible for the company's lower recent ad pricing, and the mobile transition is no longer the drag it once was. Google reported earnings today, and it focused on YouTube's impact on the business.

Google Bringing TrueView Ads to Apps, Games

Seventy percent of YouTube’s in-steam ad views are those skippable TrueView ads, Google’s svp of advertising Susan Wojcicki told attendees

Is This the Most Important Person in Advertising?

In many respects, Susan Wojcicki is Google’s most important patron. Her garage served as the original Google headquarters, and over the last decade the svp of advertising has grown the company’s advertising business into a $43.7 billion revenue stream as of last year. EMarketer projects that Google accounts for better than 41 percent of total digital ad revenue in the U.S.

Are Views From YouTube’s TrueView Ads True Views?

YouTube channel rankings are fast becoming the newest obsession among the Web video crowd. And while those rankings have brought a lot of excitement to the burgeoning medium, they’re also causing plenty of angst, with some grumbling that the views game is rigged.