This Bot Analyzes Trump’s Tweets About Brands, Then Shorts Their Stocks

For better or worse, brands are trying to stay out of Trump's tweets. When the president criticized General Motors for making Cruze models in Mexico on Twitter earlier this month,

Allstate Vows to Protect Your Firsts in This Lovely Ad About a Gay Couple’s First Child

A gay couple and their daughter are the centerpiece of this family-focused ad for Allstate. After the pair explain their year of firsts—including their marriage, and the adoption that followed—Allstate pledges to "protect your firsts, and every moment in between." 

Hands-Free Tinder for the Apple Watch Checks Your Heartbeat to Make a Match

In an effort to make online dating even more fickle and ultimately pointless, people with an Apple Watch soon won't even have to swipe left or right on Tinder anymore. Their hearts will do it for them.

5 Tech Players Agencies Should Consider Partnering With This Year

Countless agencies have partnered with Google to better understand how to connect brands and consumers. But what about resources like InfoScout and Atlas?

Meerkat Restores Faith in SXSW’s Startup Magic

Perhaps South by Southwest Interactive promoters should send Meerkat a check—or at least a thank-you card.

Take a Tour of Austin’s T3, With Think-Tank Client Rooms and On-Site Daycare [Video]

Once again, it seems as if practically everyone in the media business is gearing up for SXSW in Austin, Texas. It's where tech's elite go to chat, showcase ideas and work, and discover the next big thing.

Homeless man sits on billboard to get home

A homeless man named Danny has been sitting atop a billboard in Austin, Texas, since Tuesday morning as part of marketing stunt by a local homelessness advocacy group. The dual […]