Hands-Free Tinder for the Apple Watch Checks Your Heartbeat to Make a Match

No more swiping, or thinking

In an effort to make online dating even more fickle and ultimately pointless, people with an Apple Watch soon won't even have to swipe left or right on Tinder anymore. Their hearts will do it for them.

Austin, Texas, agency T3 has created an app for the Apple Watch that offers hands-free Tinder use by detecting the user's heartbeat and using that to select or deny potential matches. If it works out, the shop plans to develop a whole matchmaking system based on this concept.

While removing rational judgment from dating isn't always a bad idea, I feel like an average person's heart rate fluctuates way too often, for way too many reasons and often too slowly for something like this to be effective. And what if I had a pacemaker? Or a heart murmur? Or one of those coal-fired difference engine hearts like Dick Cheney?

For all the brain's flaws, I'd rather rely on its cognitive functionality than a muscle in my chest that races whenever I see oncoming traffic (anxiety) or A-frame ladders (fear) or someone eating a delicious-looking sandwich (lust).

Via Design Taxi.