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Infographic: For Moms, Mobile Is Now a Vital Part of the Shopping Experience

Today's moms are finding that mobile devices are becoming an integral part of their shopping experience, starting well before stepping into a store. BabyCenter talked to over 1,000 moms about how they use their mobile devices through the purchase process.

Agency Bosses Explain the Way Forward in China’s Complex, Troubled Marketplace

When the Chinese economy stumbled in recent weeks—its stock market shuddered and sputtered and the Yuan currency plummeted in value in August—the entire global marketplace held its breath for a brief time.

Architect Sweats, and for Good Reason, in Old Spice’s Latest Bar-Soap Ad Parody

Old Spice had a couple of hits back in April with its "Shower" and "Watermelon" ads for its Fiji Bar Soap.

Old Spice Dances With Wolves in Super Bowl Ad Airing Only in Juneau, Alaska

Grrrrr! Caw! Caw! Caw! Snarling wolves crash a fancy formal party (riding the shoulders of a dapper dude in a tux) and screeching hawks invade a high-stakes poker game (a player loses his cool when one of the, um, peckers threatens his crotch) in Wieden + Kennedy's loopy new ads touting Old Spice's Wolfthorn and Hawkridge men's scent lines. (A third scent, Foxcrest, is forthcoming.) The creatures look sort of realistic yet also completely ridiculous, which adds an air of dreamlike menace and helps elevates the proceedings into the realm of inspired stupidity (unlike, say, Mennen's armpit sweat-stain canary spot from a few years back, which was just bird-brain stupid). The Wolfthorn ad will air during the Super Bowl exclusively in Juneau, Alaska, honoring the state with the largest population of wolves. The hawks can go screw on game day. Just like the Ravens. Go Niners! Check out some print work from the campaign after the jump.

ManHands Soaps Make Men Smell Like Bacon, Beer, Soil or Urinal Cake

Every few years, someone puts out gimmicky "man-friendly" versions of equally gimmicky girly products, and they always smell like farts or baseball gloves or something. A few years ago it was Mandles—manly scented candles. Now it's ManHands—manly scented soaps. Some of the scents are reasonable enough choices: bacon, beer, cedar log cabin, fresh-cut grass. But others miss the mark. What man in his right mind wants to smell like a margarita, for example? Or red wine? And cannabis is hardly a gendered scent, not to mention that even good weed smells like a mix of old feet and thigh sweat. Maybe they'll come up with something better when they try this again in 2017. Via Laughing Squid.

Ad of the Day: Axe

On the list of sexy male professions, fireman is a perennial top pick. Just ask any male stripper (or the audience at Magic Mike). But according to Axe, the maker of pungent body sprays favored by junior-high boys, there's one hot-dude job that beats all the rest: astronaut.

Greg Jennings Is Going Nowhere in His Latest Old Spice Ad

Old Spice feels more like Skittles in this latest "Believe in your smellf" spot from Wieden + Kennedy for the brand's Champion line. This time, speedy Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings isn't going anywhere for a while—he's stuck, body parts all over, in a block of cement. Whether this is a metaphor for writer's block or what is unclear. See another new :15 after the jump.

Greg Jennings Gets Up on Wrong Side of Bed in Latest Old Spice Ad

This latest Wieden + Kennedy ad for Old Spice featuring Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings—following up on the recent "Film" spot—is like something from the end of Horse Feathers, which fits the forced-wackiness motif all their ads have now.

Brut Tries to Get Guys to Quit Facebook With ‘Mantervention’ App

Since I'm always game for letting the Internet reinforce gender stereotypes for me, I sat through Brut's Mantervention, a Facebook app in which some guy with George Michael stubble lectures you about spending too much time on Facebook.

Old Spice Throws an Incomplete Pass to Greg Jennings

Old Spice's first ad with Green Bay Packers star Greg Jennings tries hard to replicate the inspired, random weirdness of the brand's work with Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews. Alas, this latest effort, part of Wieden + Kennedy's larger "Believe in your smellf" campaign, probably should have been left in the playbook.