Brut Tries to Get Guys to Quit Facebook With ‘Mantervention’ App

Social media isn't manly

Since I'm always game for letting the Internet reinforce gender stereotypes for me, I sat through Brut's Mantervention, a Facebook app in which some guy with George Michael stubble lectures you about spending too much time on Facebook. The app pulls actual photos and screencaps from your profile as evidence that you've been unmanned, and of course Brut is touted as a way to get yourself back on track. Putting aside the fact that the only Brut-wearers I've ever met are people trying to mask how much weed they smoke, ads with a just-us-bros routine are kinda tired. It only works when the writers are in on the joke (like the Old Spice spots with Isaiah Mustafa), and this Brut thing just doesn't get there. Plus, all the pictures they used to try and shame me just reminded me of how awesome my life is. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.