Old Spice Throws an Incomplete Pass to Greg Jennings

Spot with Green Bay Packers star fails to connect

Old Spice's first ad with Green Bay Packers star Greg Jennings tries hard to replicate the inspired, random weirdness of the brand's work with Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews. Alas, this latest effort, part of Wieden + Kennedy's larger "Believe in your smellf" campaign, probably should have been left in the playbook. The spot finds Jennings playing frisbee with his cute pooch, Roscoe, on a football field. "When you use Old Spice Champion, it's like you're the star in a film about your own life," he says. The scene is then revealed to be taking place on a movie set, and the dog is just an unhappy, whiny actor in a furry suit, playing a bit part in someone else's story. There's a guy in a tree costume, too. It's amusing, but seems trapped in an uncomfortable midfield position, lacking the must-replay urgency of Mustafa's suavely goofball outings and the ALL-CAPS lunacy of Crews's delightfully loud and destructive oeurve. Worst of all, the Jennings ad just isn't very memorable. I've forgotten it already. I'll watch it again. Oh, right—it's a dog.