Old Spice Dances With Wolves in Super Bowl Ad Airing Only in Juneau, Alaska

Wolfthorn and Hawkridge scents debut

Grrrrr! Caw! Caw! Caw! Snarling wolves crash a fancy formal party (riding the shoulders of a dapper dude in a tux) and screeching hawks invade a high-stakes poker game (a player loses his cool when one of the, um, peckers threatens his crotch) in Wieden + Kennedy's loopy new ads touting Old Spice's Wolfthorn and Hawkridge men's scent lines. (A third scent, Foxcrest, is forthcoming.) The creatures look sort of realistic yet also completely ridiculous, which adds an air of dreamlike menace and helps elevates the proceedings into the realm of inspired stupidity (unlike, say, Mennen's armpit sweat-stain canary spot from a few years back, which was just bird-brain stupid). The Wolfthorn ad will air during the Super Bowl exclusively in Juneau, Alaska, honoring the state with the largest population of wolves. The hawks can go screw on game day. Just like the Ravens. Go Niners! Check out some print work from the campaign after the jump.