digital ad fraud

Russian Ring of Digital Ad Crooks Is Reportedly Making Over $3 Million a Day

White Ops today reported that a group of Russia-based cybercriminals is stealing $3 million to $5 million daily from premium-video-focused advertisers.

What’s Being Done to Rein In $7 Billion in Ad Fraud

Long a dirty little secret of the digital media business, the topic of ad fraud has been thrust front and center in discussions among agency executives, advertisers and publishers over the last three years.

This New Program Aims to Stop Ad Bot Owners From Getting Paid

Trustworthy Accountability Group, an anti ad-fraud player, today is announcing a Verified by TAG program that costs $10,000 annually for digital ad sellers like publishers, ad exchanges and agencies to take

Ad Industry Launches Effort to Combat Rampant Fraud

A new group designed to combat industry-wide ad fraud is up and running with a host of big-name companies on its board.

Nearly 25% of Video Ad Views Are Fraudulent, and 6 Other Alarming Stats

Bot fraud, digital advertising's albatross, will suck $6.3 billion from the industry next year, according to a much anticipated report highlighting the threat from the Association of National Advertisers and WhiteOps.

YuMe Launches Heat-Seeking Ad Fraud Map

To help combat ad fraud around the world, digital video advertising company YuMe has created a global map that will show where exactly fraudulent online activity is propagating.

ANA Is Assessing the Extent of Digital Ad Fraud

Thirty members of the Association of National Advertisers are participating in a month-long study to examine just how badly bot fraud is impacting digital campaigns. The ANA has teamed with online fraud detection company White Ops for a project their dubbing "The Marketer's Coalition."