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Nevada’s Privacy Bill Focuses on Restricting Data Broker Activity

The law is narrower than CCPA.

New Mexico’s Data Privacy Efforts Stall, but There’s an Appetite to Pass Legislation

The state legislature has killed a bill that would've replicated CCPA.

Vermont’s Data Broker Regulation Narrowly Targets the Data Pipes Behind Ad Tech

Vermont’s data broker regulation includes a registry of data brokers, but most brands and publishers aren’t affected.

Why CCPA Won’t Be as Big of a Deal as GDPR

SpotX CEO and founder Mike Shehan predicts that consumers might not care.

Looking Back on Digital Media in the 2010s, and What’s Next

The rise of digital that began in the 2000s saw a notable shift in advertising dollars toward mobile screens.

Vox Media Rolls Out New Data Marketplace to Compete With Upcoming Privacy Regulations

Vox Media rolls out the first piece of tech following its merger with New York Media.

Advertisers Want to De-Risk Their Reliance on Google and Facebook

Public backlash against Big Data is forcing advertisers to seek alternatives to the walled gardens.

Ad Tech’s Response to Privacy Pushback and New Regulations Leans Toward a Post-Cookie World

Media trading is evolving toward a post-cookie world.

Everything Marketers Need to Know About the California Consumer Privacy Act

There's still confusion among consumers, agencies, brands, platforms and publishers over CCPA, which goes into effect on Jan. 1.

Big Tech Is Implementing More Privacy Measures Thanks to Public Scrutiny and a Changing Market

Consumers demand answers while advertisers want results.