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Finding the Right Takeaways From CCPA for Brands

Our ecosystem would be better served if companies focused on building for brand marketers needs, rather than using the same mouse trap with new cheese.

Here’s How Cannabis Brand Eaze Has Adjusted to a Post-CCPA World

About 1,700 people have requested their data from Eaze, and an additional 500 have requested it be deleted entirely.

New York’s Privacy Bill Failed Last Session—But It Gives Us a Look at What Future Laws Might Look Like

The NYPA died in committee, but there has been some momentum on other privacy regulations in the state.

New York Senator Proposes a Federal ‘Data Protection Agency’

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democrat, wants to create a new federal agency to enforce federal privacy laws and investigate tech companies.

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What you need to know as data privacy legislation changes, state by state.

Advertising Trades Urge California Attorney General to Delay CCPA

4A's, AAF, ANA, IAB and NAI ask California AG for 5-month CCPA delay.

‘Careful What You Wish For,’ Ad-Tech Firms Respond to Privacy Mandate

Not even a month old, CCPA is already having unintended consequences.

Pivot to Privacy: How Publishers Are Handling CCPA So Far

Publishers say it’s still too early to tell what effect the CCPA will have.

Nevada’s Privacy Bill Focuses on Restricting Data Broker Activity

The law is narrower than CCPA.

New Mexico’s Data Privacy Efforts Stall, but There’s an Appetite to Pass Legislation

The state legislature has killed a bill that would've replicated CCPA.