Why Everlane CMO Sophie Bambuck Picks People Over Jobs

Hear her road to CMO and how she views sustainability as a brand definition, not a tactic

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I was first introduced to Sophie Bambuck last year when a few folks in our community kept mentioning her name as someone we just had to know. As promised, Sophie turned out to be a delightfully humble leader and mentor who views marketing in such a refreshingly simple way.

The French-born (listen at :55 seconds in to hear how to say her last name right!), Portland-based leader spent most of her career in brand marketing at Nike, before taking on her first role as CMO for DTC fashion brand Everlane last month. And while Sophie’s path to CMO was not one she anticipated early on, she always knew that she wanted to set a good example for her two daughters and do something to have a positive impact on culture. She said, “I knew that I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to make people feel something.”

Tune in to hear how Sophie is thinking about storytelling and approaching sustainability from a marketing lens at Everlane. She also shares how she’s taking on her first 90 days as CMO and what’s it been like to onboard during the pandemic and critical advice she offers for aspiring CMOs centered around picking people over titles and jobs.

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