Marketing Is The Name of the Game for Both The EA and Gatorade CMOs

Executives talk about how entertainment has blurred the line in and outside of the game

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For the sports-fuel brand Gatorade and video game software company Electronic Arts, entertainment has been blurring the line between the business and their audiences. From partnerships with Snoop Dogg and Keyshawn Johnson to bringing sports to digital via Twitch like having Marshawn Lynch and more athletes recreate the Pro Bowl during the pandemic, both brands have seen an incredible digital transformation in the past years.

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That’s why for this episode of CMO Moves Duos, we are hosted by David Tinson, CMO at Electronic Arts (EA), and Kalen Thornton, Gatorade CMO at PepsiCo, as they chat about how entertainment is blurring of the line for their audiences, whether that’s in the game or outside the game, and why marketing is the name of the game.

Discover the moves David and Kalen are taking to fuel sport, how playing the video game Madden came full circle for the marketers’ strategy, and how embracing the community as a shared experience allowed them to tap into unique insights.